historiaGonzalo Baeza, lawyers SA and Gonzalo Baezabogados SpA, form a law firm formed with the help of a professional team of specialists in business and consulting organization that has a history exceeding 150 years, from Don Pedro Antonio Baeza Mardones, judge, notary and lawyer, to continue a family tradition that have happened academics, trial lawyers and authors of various texts in the specialty of commercial law, which is the hallmark of our company.

Now, under the direction of Don Gonzalo Baeza Ovalle, from 1972 who made his law studies and commercial engineering at the Catholic University of Chile, deepening in academia as a professor at both faculties, the University Diego Portales, Universidad Mayor SEK International University and Universidad Bernardo O'Higgins and giving, regularly updating seminars for professionals and lawyers, in particular, puts all of its advanced knowledge for the organization and business development.
His teaching and professional experience in business consulting and litigation, the various texts captured in commercial law, often used at universities and consulting for attorneys, and its success a continuing challenge for the other lawyers on the forum, have been called by all the means in their power to overwhelm the enormous capacity of the study, in all areas, with no success.

We are known for and engage fully with the interests of our customers, assuming all kinds of personal sacrifices in order to achieve these goals.

The team built around this project brings together highly qualified professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, auditors and law qualified with extensive experience in company formation, management consulting and litigation, being fully trained to solve all kinds of issues of concern in the legal field commercial, civil, labor and tax, especially in the recovery of productive organizations in trouble, running both corporate and contractual structures, designed to support their development, protect their assets and achieve corporate objects.

Among the companies are advised domestic and foreign companies, which have sought support in the areas described and basically creating alternatives that allow convenient handling of the legal advantages offered by the system in general and in the area of ​​taxation, in spice.